Episode 24: Everyone Needs a PostDoc Steve

This episode we spend time with the brilliant Vivian Chan, Co-Founder of Sparrho, a platform that allows researchers to stay up to date with cutting edge research curated by AI & the Sparrho community. We chatted about support networks inside and outside of research, Vivian's journey to Founder & her thoughts on how AI will disrupt research.

Episode 22: Science's Digital Toolbox

We spoke to Alon Vitenshtein Co-Founder of LabWorm, a newly launched, crowd-sourced platform for scientists in the digital age. LabWorm wants to make research more efficient by taking the stress and randomness out of the search for useful research tools. Whether you're seeking image analysis software, resources for cutting edge proteomics, or even a great podcast that reaches out to the brilliant scientific innovators (...yes we're featured on the site) - LabWorm have got you covered! 

Episode 21: The Science Diplomats

Recorded a week after Trump's Inauguration, this week's episode is with Richard Burge, Chief Executive of Wilton Park - an executive agency of the Foreign Office who helps coordinate Global political discussions - about the diplomacy of science. We chat chemical weapons, bioterrorism and nuclear treaties; we discuss why there are historians and classicists in policy but so few scientists; and how we ensure those who are making International decisions are clued up on the latest discoveries and advancements. This one's a goody...

Episode 16: Demystifying Surgery With VR

We sat down with the wonderful Dr Shafi Ahmed and Steve Dann, founders of Medical Realities, an organisation specialising in the innovation of surgical training through virtual reality, and augmented reality. We talk about the importance of transparency for the medical profession, the power of VR, and their world first 360 degree surgical livestream back in April 2016! It's a good one...