Future Health: Videos & Slides

On September 13th, we brought the Future of Health to Interchange Camden with our second Science: Disrupt London Session. We were super keen to share some of the truly brilliant minds driving health forwards, democratising healthcare, and showcasing some wonderful examples of how tech can shape the way we interact with our health data.

We were once again joined by 3 fantastic speakers who shared valuable insights into their motivations for being in the space. These were Tom Livesey, CTO and Co-Founder of Thriva; Maxine Mackintosh, Chair of HealthTech Women UK; and Shafi Ahmed, Consultant Surgeon and VR Evangelist. This was all capped off with a panel, chaired by Tech and Culture journalist Philip Ellis.

If you couldn't make it (or just want to listen to the brilliant trio of disruptors) check out their videos below, we've even linked their slides, because we're just that nice!

Our next Science: Disrupt London Session will be the end of the October and we're tackling Future Space! For tickets to that event check out this link.


Tom Livesey - CTO & Co-Founder of Thriva

Maxine Mackintosh - Chair of HealthTech Women UK

Find Maxine's slides here

Shafi Ahmed - Consultant Surgeon & VR Evangelist

Find Shafi's slides here