5 Startups Feeding the World

The UN reckons we're going to have 10 billion people on Earth by 2050, and if we're to feed all those hungry mouths and keep planet Earth moving forward at the blistering pace of late, we need to better manage our resources, better farm our grains and better manage our waste.

Enter Thought For Food - the leading global non-profit bringing together young people from all over the world to connect, empower and support the next generation of agtech innovators.

This year, the Thought For Food annual gathering is made up of 3 elements. There's the 4-day Academy with workshops, keynotes and capstone projects to train high potential entrepreneurs and students on how to build the future. There's the Challenge, the annual global competition where startups compete for a cash prize. And there's the 1 day Summit rounding it off with keynotes and the final startup pitches.

TFF is now down to the final 10 for the Challenge, hailing from Australia and Brazil to Jordan and Kenya, all set on improving the world's food security and ensuring we're ready for those 10 billion people set to be on Earth in a mere 32 years' time.

Many of the startups are fuelled by science, and below are our 5 favourites heading to Rio de Janeiro.

Aeropowder - UK

A biodegradable replacement for polystyrene used in food packaging made from the poultry industry's surplus feathers.

Coating+ - Nigeria

A safe coating for plants and vegetables that extends their shelf life, preserves nutrient quality and enables post-harvest food storage.

Group Nutricandies - Brazil 

A vegetable-based, highly-nutritious, chocolate-flavored food product that is sourced from smallholder farmers.

Likabs Food - Ghana

A franchise-based model that empowers smallholder farmers to safely farm snails, providing an alternative income stream and improving nutritional access.

SunRice - Malaysia and UK

A passive-solar grain drying service with guaranteed market purchases for the subsequently higher-value grain.

Thought For Food takes place in Rio de Janeiro July 23-27 2018 - book your tickets for the Academy and Summit together here