Future Health: Slides and Summary

On March 6th, we held our 5th Science: Disrupt London Session on the theme of Future Health at Aviva's Digital Garage in Hoxton Square. 

With 120 in attendance, we had 3 stellar speakers who took us through 3 very different angles surrounding what's next in the world of health! 

Our first speaker was Dr Helge Wurdemann from UCL who spoke about the work he is doing with soft haptics and robotics for surgery - in particular, the STIFF-FLOP project, inspired by biology. 

Check out Helge's slides here

Next we had Dr Amy Varney of OxStem, an Oxford University spinout focusing on regenerative medicine through stem cells.

She took us through not only their scientific thinking, but also their innovative business model which pairs disease with sub-company and keeps close ties to the University.

Check out Amy's slides here

Finally, we had Elena Fernandez-Kleinlein of Johnson & Johnson Innovations who spoke about how they work with startups all over the globe - from financing, to accelerating, to incubating and the importance of appreciating the strengths and differences between corporate and startup culture. 

If you would like a copy of Elena's slides, please send her an email on EFernkle@its.jnj.com