Episode 9: Science is Vital

We spoke to Andrew Steele (@statto) founder of Scienceogram and Vice-Chair of Science is Vital about the funding landscape within the UK and the impact that Brexit may have on the the pockets of the countries research institutions and the potential of losing some serious intellectual capital from overseas.

Science is Vital formed in 2010 and is a grassroots campaign comprised, not just of scientists, but of anyone enthusiastic about extolling the enormous value of science to the UK’s economy and its reputation. Born out of frustration over cuts to UK science funding, Dr Jennifer Rohn, a cell biologist at UCL laid down the gauntlet to researchers to take action, and Science is Vital is now making waves. 

Scienceogram is designed to put science funding into a more easily digestible social and economic context, using per person per year statistics we get to grips with just how much of a 'burden' funding really is and points at the enormous ROI in research efforts.