SynBioBeta London Preview

SynBioBeta, the conference which brings together a leading community of entrepreneurs, policy-makers, investors and enthusiasts in synthetic biology, lands in London this week. 

We are super excited to check in on the latest advancements in the field, meet some of the incredible attendees they have on their guest list and generally throw ourselves into one of the most well-respected science innovation conferences going.

Having taken a look at the schedule, we’ve pulled together our picks of the conference, and who we’re most excited to hear from...

Dr Emily Leproust – CEO, Twist Bioscience

Twist Bioscience have revolutionised the way we synthesise, buy and design DNA. Located in San Francisco and operating in the fields of medicine, agriculture and industrial chemicals, Leproust and her team have proven that by changing the way we synthesize DNA, we can accelerate research, drug development and food production. 

Tanya Sahanga – Performance Technologies Manager, adidas FUTURE Team


Bringing together design, engineering and sport Science, the FUTURE team at adidas are tasked with turning today’s science into tomorrow’s technologies. Sahanga and team have created a shoe built entirely out of ocean plastic and gillnets and launched the Futurecraft prototype – a shoe textile made of synthetic spider silk meaning it is biodegradable.

Dr Renee Wegrzyn - Program Manager in the Biological Technologies Office, DARPA

Wegrzyn applies the tools of synthetic biology to support biosecurity and outpace infectious disease. With so many advancements in technology and science coming out of DARPA, originally funded as a part of the defence effort, there’s sure to be lots to learn by the way the agency and its people attack problems and apply research.

Bethan Wolfenden, Co-Founder, Bento Bio


Having created the Bento Lab – a lunchbox-sized ‘lab on the go’ for DNA analysis – Bethan and Bento Bio embody the spirit of science disruption. From funding their first product through crowd-funding to creating a tool that levels-up citizen science, Bento Bio proves that openness in science can mean many things. 

Sandra Rey – Founder & CEO, Glowee

Glowee has developed a biological source of light, using the bioluminescence properties of marine micro-organisms. Rey’s goal is to disrupt the way we produce and consume light – and by going down the route of offering a living and self-sufficient lighting raw material (which requires no installation infrastructures), we are excited to see how much change Glowee will be able to bring about over the coming years.