Thought for Food Summit

This Thursday, we are venturing to Amsterdam for the 5th edition of the Thought For Food Summit - and looking at the plans for this extraordinary event, we are pretty excited..!

The Thought For Food Summit brings together a diverse community of impact-makers from around the world, including entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders, students, scientists, academics, policymakers, and media interested in global issues within food & agriculture.

The Summit has 5 key values which drives the content, the audience, the startup competition and the general approach to the Summit itself – openness, collaboration, beginners mind-set, entrepreneurial methods & purpose as well as pay-check. TFF is all about next generation ways of making change – and by bringing together, what Christine Gould, Founder and CEO of the Thought For Food Foundation terms, ‘a cast of unusual suspects’, the idea is to find solutions through a multi-disciplinary, forward-thinking approach.

How do we feed 9+ billion people by 2050? Thought for Food is bringing together people from all walks of life to answer just that!

How do we feed 9+ billion people by 2050? Thought for Food is bringing together people from all walks of life to answer just that!

What’s particularly exciting about TFF is the breadth of content and formats at the summit. There’s keynotes from Tim O’Reilly and Kimbal Musk, live podcast interviews with thought leaders across the globe, ‘honesty circles’ where attendees can drop in and out of personal development sessions and ‘challenge clinics’ where companies and attendees ideate in small teams over issues such as the circular economy, hacking our senses and digital agriculture. There’s even maker labs in the conference space for in-person experimentation. This is a conference where every participant is a speaker and every speaker is a participant.

TFF is also running the TFF Challenge – a startup competition with $30k of cash prizes. The finalists pitch across the second day, introducing the attendees to the various innovations in the food and agriculture space. The Summit organisers are keen to disrupt the standard investment paradigm – they want to provide funding for startups who are open and collaborative, as well as having the traditional investment-ready criteria such as a strong IP position.

The topics we’re most excited about at Science: Disrupt are experimental cities, DIY biology, sustainable proteins, open source agriculture, and next generation values and ways of working. We’re also hosting some live podcasts at the summit itself – so keep your eyes peeled for some post-summit content!

And don’t forget, if you fancy a last minute ticket – come join us in Amsterdam and get a third off with this code: TFFSCIDISRUPT